Man 'cloaked' himself in mother's skin

A DUTCHMAN has been accused of murdering his mother, flaying her and then cloaking himself in her skin during a street festival.

The 42-year-old, identified only as Roland Z, was held after police in the southern town of Vlaardingen received reports that a man was causing a disturbance.

He was said to be wearing a strange suit or draped in a flag and shouting quotations from the Bible.

"This man was arrested while he stood attempting to direct traffic," said Henry Hambeukers, a police spokesman. "He said immediately that he had killed his mother."

Investigators found the body of the 76-year-old woman in her apartment.

"This man vandalised her corpse after her death. We are not discussing details out of sympathy for the man’s mother, and for him too," Mr Hambeukers said.

He could not confirm reports the man had a history of mental illness and had joined a Christian cult, but said police were looking at his background.

Dutch media was filled with gruesome details of the killing. Reports said the man wandered for several hours during the carnival, a popular street festival in the southern Netherlands. Many thought he was drunk and wearing a costume.

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