Is chapati the bread of heaven?

PILGRIMS have been flocking to a church in southern India to view a chapati which they believe bears an image of Jesus.

Over 20,000 Christians, Hindus and Muslims have travelled to the Renewal Retreat Centre in Bangalore to see the "miracle chapati" after it was put on display last week.

The traditional Indian flat bread is marked with a charred pattern which appears to be a bearded face.

The chapati was made by Christian housewife Sheela Anthony who almost threw the burnt bread in the bin before she spotted the holy image.

"For a moment the burnt part of the chapati looked like Christ. I couldn’t believe my eyes," she said.

"With a lot of hesitation I showed it to my daughters and neighbours, who also said that it was Jesus."

Mrs Anthony then took the burnt chapati to her parish priest, Father George Jacob, who proclaimed the image a miracle and put it on public view in a glass case.

"We believe in miracles. Devotees are feeling blessed on witnessing it," said Father Jacob.

But others have denied the image is that of Christ. Vijay Chandrasekar , a software designer, said: "It hardly looks like anything. It’s just a burnt piece of bread."

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