Child actor to testify in Jackson trial

FORMER child star Corey Feldman, who claims Michael Jackson showed him nude photographs as a young teenager, has been ordered to testify against the singer in court, it emerged today.

Feldman, best known for his role in the Goonies, became close to Jackson and spent two nights at his Neverland ranch. They were often pictured together in similar outfits.

But despite repeatedly telling police in 1993 that Jackson had never acted inappropriately towards him, Feldman, now 33, claims the current sex abuse trial had forced him to re-evaluate their friendship.

In a TV interview to be shown in the US tonight, the actor stressed that Jackson, 46, never molested him or touched him improperly.

But he admitted that on re-examination certain elements of their relationship were inappropriate.

"If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that’s 13 or 14 years old - then your answer would be yes," he said.

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