Warning to pregnant women over stress levels

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WORRIES over relationships, sex and money leave many pregnant women stressed, according to a survey.

A survey for the baby charity Tommy's found nearly nine in ten women feel stressed during pregnancy, with many worrying over "taboo" subjects they cannot discuss with anyone.

One in five women worry they may not love their baby, while a similar number fear they may never want sex again, the poll of more than 1,100 expectant mothers found.

Eleven per cent are unable to reveal their pregnancy, which makes them feel depressed, while 8 per cent are worried they may not even want their baby.

Almost a third are concerned about developing post-natal depression.

Andrew Shennan, professor of obstetrics for Tommy's, said: "Pregnant women who experience heightened levels of stress for a prolonged period are at greater risk of complications such as miscarriage and premature delivery."

He said it was vital women had as much information as possible on steps they could take to reduce stress levels.