Vertu unveils £14,200 smartphone

A woman holds a Vertu Ti smartphone. Picture: PA

A woman holds a Vertu Ti smartphone. Picture: PA


LUXURY smartphone manufacturer Vertu has unveiled its latest high-end mobile, which a price tag of up to £14,200.

Vertu’s Ti is a titanium-cased, sapphire crystal-screened Android smartphone that will set back the discerning punter up to £14,200.

It is the latest high-end phone by the British company, formerly part of Nokia until it was sold to private equity outfit EQT last year.

Vertu hit the headlines in 2002, offering a £15,000 Nokia phone available in 18-carat gold, white gold and top-of-the-range platinum cases.

Perry Oosting, Vertu’s president and chief executive, said: “Vertu Ti is our most significant product for a decade.

“The Android OS [operating system] delivers a proven and intuitive environment for 
users, while the design and craftsmanship of the handset is still uniquely Vertu.

“Vertu has pioneered and led the luxury mobile phone sector since we began in the late 1990s, and the great depth of our knowledge and experience can be seen in Vertu Ti. There is nothing else like it.”

Prices for the handset start at £6,800, for the Titanium Black Leather model, rising to £14,200 for a version in red gold.


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