Post Scottish independence Union Jack designs

Picture: submitted

Picture: submitted


THE Union Flag could undergo a major redesign if Scotland becomes independent, a group of flag experts has claimed.

Vexillologists from the Flag Institute – a charity that offers advice and guidance about flags – have created a series of designs they believe could form the basis of a new British flag – without the element of the Saltire.

However, the group holds no official views on whether the flag should change if Scotland becomes independent.

The first option retains the basic design, but replaces the blue background of the cross of St Andrew with black – and changes the white to yellow to honour the flag of Wales’ patron saint, St David, switching the traditional red, white and blue of the British flag to the same colours as Germany.

Wales is not currently represented in the Union Flag because it was already a part of the English kingdom when the flag was originally designed.

The second also strips out the Saltire entirely, but borrows elements of Wales’ current national flag – a field of green and white that lies behind its red dragon.

A third retains the Scottish blue to reflect the fact that the Queen would remain head of state in an independent Scotland – while featuring a modern starburst shape.

The fourth, a symbol-heavy interpretation, removes the white of St Andrew’s Saltire and imposes a crown and Royal Standard – including England’s three lions, the red Scottish lion and the harp, a symbol of Wales as well as Ireland.

The fifth design adds the Royal Coat of Arms, surrounded by a garland of items symbolic of the Commonwealth nations.




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