Plane grounded after pilot tells passengers 'it's not safe'

A PLANE carrying 180 British tourists was grounded when its pilot announced: "Do not fly with this plane, it is not safe."

The holidaymakers were about to take off to return to Bristol airport from Dalaman in Turkey when they heard a strange sound from the aircraft's engines.

It was followed by an announcement on the Airbus A 321's intercom: "This is your captain speaking. I am resigning. Do not fly with this plane. It is not safe. Do not fly with Onur Air."

The unnamed pilot then walked off the aircraft, leaving the passengers stranded in 100-degree heat without any air conditioning. They were eventually told to return to the terminal, where they waited for around two hours before an alternative flight was arranged.

Jade Barrett, a passenger on the flight, said after the pilot's announcement "some people started laughing nervously but others were almost screaming".

A spokesman for Goldtrail, which chartered last week's flight said: "The [pilot] was serving his notice. There was a problem between him and the airline and he turned it into a bigger problem. We have not been told what the fault was."

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