Move to store 'ID card' details for children

A REGISTER of children's details similar to that to be kept under the government's controversial ID card scheme has been recommended by officials.

The Citizen Information Project (CIP) said a child population register should also be set up. Under-16s had been exempt from the national identity register.

CIP, based within the Office for National Statistics, also said the identity cards scheme should be used to share details such as people's names, addresses and dates of birth across the public sector.

The report said details should be securely shared "on the basis that the scheme eventually becomes compulsory".

The CIP saw "significant value" in sharing details as the scheme would eventually become compulsory, a written ministerial statement from Des Browne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said.

But Phil Booth, of the No2ID pressure group, said the statement heralded a future of "cradle-to-grave surveillance".

He said privacy campaigners' worst nightmares were coming true within two weeks of the identity cards legislation making its way through parliament.

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