Michael Barrymore escapes prosecution over perjury charges

ENTERTAINER Michael Barrymore will not face perjury charges following an inquest into the death of a man found floating in his swimming pool, his solicitor said yesterday.

Solicitor David Corker said a police investigation had decided not to prosecute over allegations that Mr Barrymore had lied in court. Mr Corker said Mr Barrymore had been told by police that the investigation into the perjury allegations should be dropped.

The solicitor said Essex Police had received the views of CPS lawyers and decided the investigation should be ended.

"This is a very serious allegation. If it has any substance the police would normally interview the suspect and the fact they haven’t interviewed him means it was pretty worthless from the beginning. Mr Barrymore is relieved at the decision of Essex Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue this investigation. It was made for the sole purpose of damaging Mr Barrymore."

Following the inquest into the death of Mr Lubbock, 31, Mr Barrymore’s former wife Cheryl alleged the TV star’s claim not to be able to swim was untrue.

An open verdict was recorded at the inquest into the death of Mr Lubbock, whose body was found floating in Mr Barrymore’s pool at his home in Roydon, near Harlow in March last year. But Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray referred the perjury allegations to the police A spokeswoman for Essex Police said last night : "The CPS has contacted us today with their decision.

"We are now trying to locate and inform all of the families involved before making an official announcement."

A spokeswoman for the CPS said: "The CPS has passed an advice file to the police and that advice is confidential."

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