Johnny Ball slates 'doom and gloom' climate lobby

PROFITEERS have jumped on the "doom and gloom bandwagon" surrounding climate change and are cashing in on the drive for "green" technologies, according to TV presenter and author Johnny Ball.

Ball, a long-time sceptic of mankind's role in global warming, will outline his views at a seminar in Inverness next week when he will share the stage with leading environmental campaigner Tony Juniper.

The event on 10 June is being organised by UHI, the prospective university of the Highlands and Islands.

Ball, who has popularised science through his TV programmes, books and plays, says is just as important to life as oxygen and water, and mankind "is being manipulated by politicians and people who display so-called green credentials."

He will tell the audience: "In the climate change debate there are three kinds of people – those who latch on to the doom and gloom bandwagon and make huge profits with so-called green technology contracts that, without subsidies, they would not touch with a barge pole as they would be unprofitable.

"Then there are those who preach doom and gloom and urge us to turn technology backwards and not forward.

"And finally, we have those who have confidence and faith that by following true science we can improve every area of our lives."

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