George Osborne answers BBC’s Thatcher tears quiz

Chancellor George Osborne attends Baroness Thatcher's funeral last Wednesday. Picture: Getty

Chancellor George Osborne attends Baroness Thatcher's funeral last Wednesday. Picture: Getty

GEORGE Osborne has responded to questions about his emotional reaction to Baroness Thatcher’s funeral last week by joking that the BBC’s radio coverage brings him to tears, it emerged today.

• George Osborne jokes about BBC Radio 4’s headlines as he responds to questions about tears at Baroness Thatcher funeral

• Presenter John Humphrys discussed television pictures showing the Chancellor “weeping” at St Paul’s Cathedral last Wednesday

Appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Chancellor said that he “occasionally got a tear in his eye” when hearing headlines on the broadcaster’s show.

Presenter John Humphrys invited Osborne to discuss Scottish independence and the economy, but spent the last few minutes of the show quizzing the Chancellor about why he cried at Lady Thatcher’s ceremony.

Osborne, seen sitting directly behind the Prime Minister last Wednesday at St Paul’s Cathedral, had “welled up a bit” during the service, but denied that he had been “weeping”.

“I think weeping is putting it a bit strongly,” Osborne said. “Yes, I welled up a bit because it was a very emotional and moving occasion and at times overwhelming, and I think it was a fitting tribute to someone’s life and in a sense a great state occasion as well.

“And a combination of the sermon and the music and so on made for a very, very powerful and emotional moment.”

He added later: “Occasionally I get a tear in my eye, sometimes just when I listen to the Today programme headlines, but on this occasion it was at a much more moving moment.”

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