Clegg: Coalition worth it for same-sex marriage

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IF changing the law to allow same-sex marriage in England and Wales helps gay men or women feel more confident about their sexuality then the Liberal Democrats’ decision to form the coalition will have been “worth it”, Nick Clegg has said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the party should be “extremely proud” of the reform ahead of the first same-sex weddings tomorrow.

Addressing the Scottish Lib Dems’ spring conference in Aberdeen he said tomorrow would be a “very special day”.

He said: “From midnight tonight, Britain will be a different place. A place where, for the first time ever, couples can get married whether they are gay or straight.”

Mr Clegg told Lib Dem activists: “I hope that makes each of you feel extremely proud.

“And not just because of the difference it will make for these individuals. It runs even deeper than that.

“A gay friend of mine told me that, walking past Moss Bros the other day, he saw a window display of two grooms. He’s not in a relationship, no current plans to get married. But he said that, as he passed that shop window, he literally felt himself walk a bit taller. He said he literally felt more equal to the people passing him in the street.

“And if our change to the law means a single young man or young woman who wants to come out, but who is scared of what the world will say, now feels safer, stronger, taller - well, for me, getting into coalition government will have been worth it just for that.”




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