Archbishop joins MP in condemning Mugabe

DESMOND Tutu has joined City MP Nigel Griffiths in condemning Zimbabwe's leader Robert Mugabe after Edinburgh University stripped him of his honorary degree.

Speaking at an event in London organised by the Edinburgh South MP, the retired Archbishop of Cape Town lambasted the Harare dictator for his impoverishment of his country.

Archbishop Tutu was attending an event celebrating moves to boost the number of schools in the UK twinned with their equivalents on the developing world.

He said: "Sometimes God looks down and says, 'whatever did I do to create that lot'. Look at Zimbabwe - the horrendous evil - and sometimes God weeps. But then sunshine will break through."

Mr Griffiths, who led the Westminster campaign to strip Mr Mugabe of his honorary degree, said: "The Archbishop speaks for the whole of Africa and the whole world in his forthright condemnation of Robert Mugabe's murderous regime.

"I am proud of the part Edinburgh has played in repudiating his brutal regime.

"The university was very brave to take the decision it did and was entirely right."

The government of Zimbabwe branded the decision to strip Mr Mugabe of his honorary degree as a "humiliation" for Edinburgh University. Officials described the institution as "a disgrace" and even hit out at its students, calling them "uninformed".

But the students, once led by new Prime Minister Gordon Brown as rector, hit back at the bizarre claims and insisted the university was proud of the landmark decision.

Mugabe was awarded the degree in 1984 for services to education in Africa.

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