Prestwick Ryanair flight forced to divert to Madrid

The Ryanair flight departed from Prestwick Airport. Picture: PA

The Ryanair flight departed from Prestwick Airport. Picture: PA

A Ryanair plane which departed from Prestwick was forced into a diversion after passengers became disruptive.

The passenger plane, which was bound for Malaga, was forced to land in Madrid after a group became unruly on board.

Upon arrival in Madrid the plane was boarded by Spanish police who removed the rowdy passengers.

It is understood the group had been drinking.

Eye-witnesses say one of the men being led off the plane then lashed out at another passenger as he was led off yesterdays’ flight.

One passenger told the Sun: “It was terrifying. All hell broke loose when the cops came on. There were batons and fists going all ways.”

A Ryanair spokesman said: “A flight from Prestwick diverted into Madrid after a small group of passengers became disruptive.

“Police removed and detained six individuals.

“We will not tolerate unruly passengers.”




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