Police hunt Glasgow woman who abused subway driver

The woman continued the abuse once she had left the train. Picture: Complimentary

The woman continued the abuse once she had left the train. Picture: Complimentary

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A WOMAN passenger subjected a female underground train driver to a “tirade” of abuse in an apparent Subway rage incident in Glasgow yesterday which operators described as “very unusual”.

British Transport Police (BTP) is hunting the woman, who became angry after the train stopped suddenly in a tunnel between Ibrox and Govan stations on the Glasgow Subway at about 9:50am.

The force said the woman had walked through the train to the driver’s cab and shouted at the 47-year-old driver, who had opened the cab’s internal door after an alarm was triggered by the passenger opening a door between carriages.

When the train continued and arrived at Govan, the passenger walked along the platform to the outside of the cab and “continued the tirade”, which went on as ascended an escalator to leave the station.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, which runs the Subway, said the train had stopped without warning, but not with a jolt, and it was not clear why the woman had become angry.

A spokeswoman said the driver had been “very intimidated” by the passenger’s behaviour, which the spokeswoman said had been very unusual for the time of day.

Constable Brian Kelly of BTP, who is in charge of the enquiry, said: “SPT employees have the right to go about their daily duties without encountering this sort of completely unwarranted abuse.

“Anyone who was on the train and can provide information about the woman responsible should contact BTP.”

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