Transport chiefs urged to scrap accident blackspot roundabout

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TRANSPORT chiefs have launched a safety review of a busy city roundabout after a string of accidents.

Officials are currently investigating a number of measures to reduce collisions at Crewe Toll amid mounting pressure to replace the junction with traffic lights, similar to the project recently undertaken at Seafield roundabout in Portobello.

That is thought unlikely because of the huge cost involved but a report is currently being prepared by transport officials after a call from local councillor Lesley Hinds.

Councillor Hinds said: "I live in the area and the only accident I have ever had was at Crewe Toll. All options need to be looked at to make it a safer place and I would have thought bringing in traffic lights at peak times might be an option.

"If it would help the situation by getting rid of the roundabout then the money needs to be found. It's unacceptable to just leave it as it is."

Earlier this month, it emerged that cyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident in Ferry Road – of which Crewe Toll is part – than anywhere else in the city.

Last November, a 35-year-old woman had to be freed from underneath a double-decker bus by firefighters using airbags and specialist stabilising equipment.

In February, Seria Ullah, 38, suffered serious facial injuries, including a shattered cheekbone, after being thrown from her bike nearby.

The new arrangements at Seafield are said to be working well, but the complexity of replicating the scheme at Crewe Toll means it is likely to be too expensive to carry out.

Inverleith councillor Tim McKay, whose ward includes Ferry Road, said he would be resistant to scrapping the roundabout after the difficulties encountered at Seafield.

He said: "I am a bit nervous about that given the problems they had at Seafield and the inconvenience caused.

"My perception is that the problem is the long stretches of road leading up to Crewe Toll and not the roundabout itself. We can't just replace every roundabout in the city – it would be too expensive."

A council spokesman said: "A report examining the options for improving safety at Crewe Toll roundabout will be considered by the transport, infrastructure and environment committee on 28 July."