Tram mock-up 'is one of Scotland's top attractions'

A LIFE-SIZED tram model has been described as "one of Scotland's busiest visitor attractions" by Edinburgh city council after 22,000 people climbed aboard in its first week.

The council said a poll of visitors showed 80 per cent were impressed, while TIE, its tram firm, said there was "a real sense of excitement" among people viewing the mock-up.

Steve Cardownie, the SNP deputy leader of the council's ruling Liberal Democrat-SNP coalition, said: "The vast number of people having a look were just walking past – I do not think they made their way there specially. To describe the tram model as one of Scotland's busiest attractions is putting a great degree of spin on it."

The 130ft mock-up is sited in Princes Street, where little work has taken place since it closed to traffic ten days ago.

Further peace talks were held yesterday between TIE and Bilfinger Berger, the firm at the centre of a dispute over the construction contract.

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