The millionaire lawyer, his lady companion, dinner at Gleneagles… and sexual shenanigans that put fellow diners off their hors d'œuvres

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IN the rarefied atmosphere of the Gleneagles Hotel, a dining faux pas could involve ordering red wine with fish or the inappropriate use of cutlery.

But a pair of diners has shattered the established rules of etiquette by drunkenly mistaking their public table for a private boudoir.

A millionaire property lawyer was arrested and fined 300 for abandoning the menu and presenting his female companion with an intimate part of his anatomy for dessert.

Philip Anderson, 49, and Fiona Males, 39, stunned fellow diners at the Deseo restaurant in the five-star hotel with a bacchanalian display more suited to the back row of a cinema than the centre of a family restaurant.

When asked by hotel management to stop and leave, the couple began to shout and swear until police officers arrived and arrested Anderson for breach of the peace. The former senior property partner with Dickson Minto, the bluechip Edinburgh legal firm, was expected to appear in court yesterday, but instead pled guilty to two criminal acts and agreed to pay a 300 fiscal fine.

The incident began on the evening of 6 December when Anderson and Miss Males, who were resident at the hotel, decided to dine at Deseo, the hotel's new Mediterranean restaurant. However, their fellow diners were soon distracted by the couple's unusual behaviour

and reported to the hotel's staff that they could clearly see Anderson's genitals.

Night manager Max Duyverman was called to the busy restaurant. By the time he arrived, Anderson had already had an angry confrontation with one of the diners who had asked him to curb his behaviour.

The hotel management were also abused and the couple were asked to leave the hotel immediately, which they declined to do. Police were then called.

As Anderson and Miss Males were escorted from the prestigious hotel they continued to shout and swear, and struggled with the two police officers. The incident, which lasted several minutes, left staff and other residents shocked. The couple were eventually arrested and taken away in a police vehicle.

Last night, a source close to the case said: "Witnesses gave statements describing the unsavoury scene they had witnessed in the Deseo restaurant. Instead of just calming themselves down, Mr Anderson decided to kick off and told one guest – in no uncertain terms – to mind his own business.

"The guests were left with no option but to call for the manager. They just kept shouting as they were led out and the police had no choice but to lift them.

"They were not charged with any act of indecency because the other guests did not wish to make a formal complaint about that."

A solicitor acting for Anderson, who lives in a million- pound home in Beacon Croft, Bridge of Allan, contacted the procurator fiscal's office in Perth about the case.

As a result, Anderson was offered a fiscal fine of 300, which he chose to accept, admitting his part in the incident.

The father of four is estranged from his second wife Elaine, who lives on the same street in Bridge of Allan. He has been in a relationship with divorcee Miss Males for some time.

A police spokesman said: "We were called to Gleneagles at 11.20pm on 6 December following a report of a disturbance. A 49-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman were arrested."

A spokesman for the Gleneagles Hotel confirmed that an incident had taken place but declined to comment further. The case against Miss Males – featuring further charges of struggling with the police and trying to rescue Mr Anderson from custody – was deserted at the court on Hogmanay.

Anderson refused to discuss the case, while Miss Males was unavailable for comment.