The blue Tweenies

AS if there weren’t enough Enforcers already, pupils at a city school have become wardens in a bid to stop drivers parking in danger areas near their gates.

Double-parked cars and vehicles sitting in crossing spaces outside the school have made life increasingly dangerous for pupils at Roseburn Primary School.

Now the children at the school are taking the law in to their own hands, by handing out their own range of parking tickets.

And while there is no fine attached to the tickets, their local councillor believes their blitz on drivers could have more impact than official tickets in preventing them parking illegally.

The tickets, designed by pupils as part of an ongoing road safety campaign, have been stuck on illegally parked cars for the last three weeks.

The three designs feature pictures of ticketed cars on the zigzag lines along with slogans such as "Think - dangerous parking can cause accidents" and "It’s illegal - move your car".

Deputy headteacher Sandra de Ste Croix hopes drivers will finally take some notice of the pupils’ concerns.

"Despite all the signs and restrictions the council have put up outside the school, people are continuing to park there illegally," she said.

"It has been very difficult for the lollipop man and it is a danger to the children.

"We came up with the idea of getting the children involved and we asked all the pupils to come up with designs for parking tickets. Our janitor, Mark Scappiticcio, puts them on to any cars which continue to park on the zigzag lines outside the school."

And while she admits the response from parents and offenders has been very quiet, there are at least some important people who are beginning to take notice.

"It has actually made the wardens start taking more notice and they are now coming round and handing out more of the real parking tickets, which obviously have a bit more authority as well as a fine," Mrs de Ste Croix said.

The 250 pupils at the school designed the tickets as part of the Safe Routes to School programme teaching them about road safety. Their work has been such a success that the school has been awarded a gold star in Standard Life’s Steps to Safety charter.

Local 20mph speed limit zones are already in place at the school as part of the council’s Safer Routes to School initiative, but despite clearly marking out the no-go areas, the council has been unable to stop cars parking outside the school.

Fiona Macaulay, a school board member whose son Finlay, nine, attends the school, said she hoped the children’s tickets would have a more profound effect on drivers than previous efforts.

She said: "I think this is a great idea, and maybe it will make drivers more aware of what they are doing when they park in these places, the dangers they are causing children. Maybe it will prick their conscience."

Local councillor James Gilchrist said: "I would hope that this would have a big effect on drivers, as it must get across to them the concerns of the children about what they are doing."

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