Ten Questions: Morag Siller

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Morag Siller, 38, is an actress who was born and bred in Edinburgh. She has starred in TV shows such as Casualty and Monarch of the Glen

1 What is your earliest memory of Edinburgh? My earliest memory is when I was three years old and my dad came back with a tiny puppy as a birthday present. We were so excited and all took the little dog for a walk on the Braid Hills. It was a very cold winter and all the hills were covered in snow and I remember vividly standing looking down on the city and it was stunning and fairytale like.

2 What are your memories of school? I went to James Gillespie's and my memories of school are good and bad. I was a joker at school, probably because I wasn't academic. I remember laughing a lot, loving the school concerts where I played the cello in the orchestra. I also met my future husband at school. Most of all I remember a teacher called Mr Leslie, who had a massive influence on me. He always told me to follow my dreams whatever they were and not to let anyone tell me I couldn't do something. This meant so much to me because when I told people I wanted to be an actor, most of the advice I was given was negative or they just laughed. Sadly, in my last year of school, Mr Leslie died and it had a huge effect on me. I still miss his warmth, kindness and humour to this day.

3 Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh and why? The Braidburn Valley. It reminds me of my father, being a kid, growing up and the fun years I had playing with and walking our dogs.

4 What are the best things about Edinburgh? The architecture, the people and it has everything you want from a city without it being too big.

5 What would you change about the city? The trams!

6 Describe a perfect Edinburgh day/night out. Being with family and good friends in a nice restaurant in town.

7 Which sports interest you? Tennis and swimming.

8 What was your most embarrassing moment? Letting someone shave my eyebrows off when I was drunk aged 17!

9 What is your greatest achievement? Getting someone to marry me.

10 Sum up Edinburgh in three words. Beautiful, historic, lively.

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