Stop this persecution

In response to Fergus Reid, of TV Licensing (Letters, 5 May), as soon as an address is seen to be unregistered in respect of a TV licence, the occupant is subjected to an unending stream of letters, the constant message being that you are guilty of harbouring an unregistered TV. In the early stages, the letters are just accusatory but rapidly become bullying, insulting and finally intimidating and highly offensive.

What other government organisation, business or even court of law would send out a letter in an envelope adorned in large print with the message "Notice of impending prosecution" or "Your next appearance could be in court"? This, when no evidence whatsoever of TV possession exists.

Mr Reid's justification that one-third of households approached do need a licence is no justification. The poor success rate suggests the filtering mechanism used is highly suspect, as it means a majority of households under investigation are being needlessly harassed.

Persecution is not too strong a word to describe the actions of TV Licensing and it beggars belief that such practices should be acceptable in society today.


Cadogan Road


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