Sheridan trial: Fox case is dropped

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TOMMY Sheridan had been accused of attempting to have Colin Fox, his former fellow MSP, give perjured evidence at the 2006 defamation case in Edinburgh. That charge was dropped by the Crown at the end of its evidence yesterday.

Prosecutor Alex Prentice, QC, said evidence on the charge came from Mr Fox with no corroboration. Withdrawing the charge was no reflection on Mr Fox, he added, but a question of sufficient evidence.

There had originally been 15 instances where Sheridan was said to have given false testimony in 2006. Last week, that was reduced to 13 and another two sections were deleted yesterday. Sherdian is still accused of lying in connection with a meeting of the Scottish Socialist Party's executive committee, and affairs with Anvar Khan and Katrine Trolle.

Gail Sheridan is accused of lying about entries in her diary concerning weekends which had been suggested as possible dates for an alleged visit by her husband to a swinger's club, and about recalling spending those weekends with him.

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