Scott Granger: Cahill remix gives new edge to Apollonia 6

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THIS week, my tune of the week comes from Liverpool-based dance trio Cahill; producers Anton Powers, Tim Condran and Scott Rosser, who are famous for their 2008 hit Trippin' On You, which was a cover of Oris Jay's 2001 garage track Trippin.

Their new track, Sex Shooter, is a funky little house number and re-make of the 1984 classic by Apollonia 6. I am loving it, mostly due to the fact it is a proper funky house track rather than all the electro we have been getting hit with of late.

The boys have been doing no bad thing on the remix front either remixing tracks for the likes of Chris Brown, Taio Cruz and the current club smash from Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne, Let It Rock.

I am looking forward to the Sex Shooter video as the original track was known for its sexually charged video, so let's see what they can come up with... either way I recommend you check out the original just to compare.

One for the girls comes from Britney Spears. Yes it's her brand new track, Circus, taken off her sixth studio album of the same name which was released at the start of December.

Strange one this. As her previous track Womanizer is still massive on the dance-floor, every time I drop Circus into the mix it doesn't yet get that great a reaction, indeed with her album sitting at just No 33 on the UK charts I am starting to think it could be early bed time for it. Nevertheless, I do think that Circus is a good track, so let's just wait and see if, in time, it becomes a hit.

One for the boys is Touch You, from another trio by the name of DMT. Daniel de Bourg is the D, and he has been described by R Kelly as one of the greatest voices of our generation. H

e has just come over from LA where he was writing with Black Eyed Peas and Jamie Foxx, to name but two. Matt Qualifide, the M, is a DJ/producer and owner of Qualifide Recording who has successfully remixed for Wideboys, Nightcrawlers and The Lighthouse Family.

Last, but not least, Taz the T is an established rapper who got his break back in 2004 after hooking up with Dizzee Rascal to co-write some of Dizzee's biggest tracks, including Just A Racal.

So as you can see there is a lot of talent in DMT – expect some great things to come from these guys.

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