Scots stash souvenirs under Wembley

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SCOTTISH construction workers have left a stash of Scots memorabilia under the "hallowed turf" of the new Wembley Stadium, it has been reported.

Builders left tartan scarves, saltires and football tops under the 750m revamped London soccer venue which finally opened its doors last week.

They are believed to have hidden a stash under the England dugout, as well as under goal lines, penalty spots and the centre circle.

Workers apparently carried out the stunt after being the targets of banter and jokes from English colleagues, not least about the performance of the Scottish football team, which failed to make it to the last two World Cups.

Scottish soccer fans have had a love-hate relationship with Wembley, most notoriously ripping up much of the turf and smashing up the goalposts after a 2-1 victory in 1977.

However, Wembley was also the scene of a crushing defeat in 1975 when Scotland were humiliated 5-1.

Celtic and Scotland legend Billy McNeill quipped that the prank would make sure that the 1977 rampage, which infuriated the football authorities, would not be repeated.

He said: "At least it will save us taking pieces of turf back home with us again."

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