Psychic who won talent show locked in prize row

June Field with her International Battle of the Psychics trophy

June Field with her International Battle of the Psychics trophy

  • by SAM WHYTE

A SCOTTISH woman who won a Ukrainian psychic talent show has said television show bosses failed to hand over her ­winnings.

June Field entered the ­eastern European International ­Psychic’s Challenge last year for her chance to win £19,000.

The 52-year-old mother from Dundee fended off 70,000 hopefuls over 38 challenges to be crowned World’s Greatest Physic by a panel that included spoon-bender Uri Geller.

She even secured 50 per cent of the public vote despite being up against a Ukrainian finalist.

The show was watched by 34 million people, but the psychic Scot said she has not received a penny of her winnings since she received the award last month.

Ms Field said: “I should have got 250,000 grivna which is about £19,000. So far I’ve had nothing. Maybe it’s just been delayed because it has been their Christmas. And to add insult to injury I had to pay £57 to get the heavy trophy home.”

She has also gathered the ­support of fans all over the world after posting a message on her Facebook that reads: “I have had the support of many Ukrainian people since posting the injustice about my win and no cash prize. I am touched by your support.

“I was warned by many people not to come and take part in this country… I didn’t listen and wanted give Ukraine the chance.

“They used us and kept us away from our families, our lives, our work for six months.

“We worked hard for them. I feel shame for them as they have not only let me down but also their country with their lies, cheating and corruption.”

Ms Field, who is a widow, had to live in Kiev for six months during the filming of the ­programme.

Ukrainian television company STB was unavailable for ­comment.




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