Glasgow 2014: Volunteers to be called Clyde-siders

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THEY are known as the Clyde-siders, a name selected by the people for the people who will work to ensure Glasgow hosts a Commonwealth Games to remember.

The first wave of volunteers for Glasgow 2014 were unveiled yesterday as part of what organisers described as the largest recruitment drive in Scotland’s peacetime history.

With more than 50,000 applications for 15,000 posts, officials are carrying out some 140 interviews every day for a range of positions.

It is task that will not come to an end before the end of the year, but a lucky few volunteers, from IT specialists to charity workers, began to receive their formal offers yesterday.

Organisers hope everyone who put their name forward will learn by the end of January if they will play a part.

Valerie Mitchell, head of the Games workforce at Glasgow 2014, said organisers had been “overwhelmed” by the interest shown.

She said: “In London, the volunteers were known as Games Makers, which really tied everyone together and created team spirit.

“In Glasgow, the name Clyde-siders really reflects what we’re all trying to do. It captures the personality of our mascot, Clyde, and reflects the river at the heart of the city. We had focus groups of pre-Games volunteers and it was the people who decided on the name.”




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