Scot captures storming of ship attacked by Israeli commandos on film

A SCOT on board one of the ships attacked by Israeli commandos last night told of the moment troops stormed the vessel.

• Hassan Ghani: Scottish journalist's footage is being shown on Viva Palestina. Picture: Complimentary

Hassan Ghani, 24, a journalist from Glasgow, was on board the Mavi Marmara, the main ship targeted by the Israelis.

Mr Ghani spoke of his horror as events unfolded, saying: "We have had several injuries, at least one of them critical.

"We are being hit by tear gas, stun grenades, we have a navy ship on either side and helicopters overhead.

"We are being attacked from every single side and this is in international waters, not in Israeli waters."

Mr Ghani recorded footage of Israeli commandos abseiling from military helicopters as civilian passengers on board the Mavi Marmara fled for cover. The film, broadcast on the Viva Palestina website, also showed bloodstained stretchers and scenes of chaos as doctors struggled to treat injured passengers.

There was no footage of Israeli forces coming under attack and Mr Ghani told how a white flag had been raised as the Israeli operation began.

At one point, dozens of aid workers are shown cowering in a room within the ship as shooting goes on outside. One aid worker is also shown screaming in pain after apparently being shot by an Israeli commando.

Mr Ghani – awarded Young Scottish Muslim of the Year by First Minister Alex Salmond in 2008 – was understood to be under arrest by Israeli authorities last night.

His father, Haq Ghani, said he feared for his son's safety adding: "The only information I have been able to glean is that there are no British people who were killed. We believe nine Turkish people were killed.

"I don't only feel for my son, I feel for all those people who have been hurt and killed. These were people who volunteered their time and their money to help others.

"I am proud that my son is doing a job that allows him to shed light on the position of oppressed people of the world, like the people of Gaza."

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