Salmond says sorry for his brolly poor show

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Alex Salmond has apologised after he was accused of hitting a man with an umbrella at a country show.

The First Minister said "sorry about the umbrella" during a question and answer session on the mumsnet website, after a father visiting the network said the SNP leader had not apologised.

Mr Salmond was asked about his "moral code" by the man who posted a message on the site yesterday and said his four-year-old son thought him "rude" for his behaviour at the event in the North-east last year. The message, under the name MajorPettigrew, said: "Your umbrella whacked me in the face as you walked past me at Turriff Show last summer. My four-year old thinks you were rude and should have said sorry."

Mr Salmond replied he had not realised he had struck anyone with an umbrella and apologised. He said: "Sorry about the umbrella, tell your four-year-old if I had realised I would have said sorry at the time. They don't trust me with anything as important as pipe band judging at the show - running the country is much less controversial."

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