Salmond push for power 'supergrid'

ALEX Salmond, the First Minister, yesterday set out the case for an energy "supergrid" to maximise the country's renewables potential.

He said the Scottish Government was keen to work with its north European neighbours on the project.

Mr Salmond was speaking after meeting the Irish power firm Airtricity in Dublin. The firm, which is to be taken over by Scottish and Southern Energy, was the original proposer of plans to develop a European offshore supergrid.

"We must harness the opportunities posed by our natural resources and I firmly believe developing the concept of a supergrid will enable us to do this," Mr Salmond said.

"The north and east coasts of Scotland, the west coasts of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands and the north coast of Germany have a huge potential for capturing offshore wind, wave and tidal energy."

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