Reveller abused ambulance workers for helping brother

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A WOMAN repeatedly shouted and swore at ambulance personnel because they wanted to take her brother to hospital, a court heard.

Amina Soltau unleashed a torrent of abuse after the NHS workers decided a deep gash on her brother's foot was too serious to be treated on the spot.

Soltau, 19, was at a drunken 21st birthday party on the night of the offence, Livingston Sheriff Court heard yesterday.

John Barclay, prosecuting, said the accused's brother had cut his foot on broken glass. When ambulance technicians attended, they found everyone at the party under the influence of alcohol.

Soltau, of Livingston, admitted hindering two ambulance technicians in their duties at a house in Manitoba Avenue, Livingston, on March 12 this year.

Fining Soltau 200, Sheriff Douglas Kinloch told her: "Hospital workers and so on have to be able to do their jobs without this sort of thing."