Radio One DJ bids to give River City a wider show

A RADIO One DJ is running a campaign to have a BBC Scotland soap screened nationwide.

Scott Mills is encouraging listeners to his afternoon show to sign a petition to boost the profile of River City.

The 30-year-old is also bidding to land a part in the twice-weekly soap, which he discovered during a recent holiday in Edinburgh.

The show, which attracts 500,000 viewers an episode, is broadcast only in Scotland by BBC1, although it is possible to see the soap on the BBC via digital satellite coverage.

Radio One confirmed that Mills was fan of the drama, which is set in the fictional town of Shieldinch.

"Scott has become enamoured with the soap and wants his listeners to get behind the campaign to get it screened nationally," a spokesman for the station said. "We are in talks about the possibility of him appearing on the show in some shape or form."

BBC Scotland confirmed there may be an opportunity for Mills to realise his ambition later this year.

A spokesman for the corporation north of the Border said: "Scott has made it clear that he is a big fan and he has already started a campaign to get a part. The story line will feature a DJ at Christmas, and who knows who will turn up in the part?"

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