Scottish independence: Proclaimers anger at Lamont

The Proclaimers. Picture: TSPL

The Proclaimers. Picture: TSPL

THE PROCLAIMERS have hit out at Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont for using their lyrics during a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

The MSP adapted the band’s Letter From America hit while referring to Standard Life’s threat to quit Scotland over the independence referendum, saying: “If there is a Yes vote, is it not the case that we will need to rewrite the song: ‘Standard Life no more, RBS no more, shipbuilding no more, the Scotland we love and fight for no more’?”

However, the stunt drew an angry reaction from Craig and Charlie Reid. They said Ms Lamont had “distorted” the song, adding: “The reality is Johann Lamont believes the people of Scotland aren’t genetically programmed to take decisions. The lyrics in Letter From America are about job losses and closures that flow from Scotland not having control over her destiny – that is why Scotland needs independence now.”




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