Scottish independence: Darling warns of ‘conflict’

Alistair Darling talking during an independence debate in Edinburgh. Picture: PA

Alistair Darling talking during an independence debate in Edinburgh. Picture: PA


FORMER Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned the SNP that it would “set up conflict” between Scotland and England if the party insisted on introducing its entire White Paper on independence in the event of a Yes vote next year.

Mr Darling said it was “nonsense” that the SNP would be able to force the rest of the UK to sign-up to every aspect of its the White Paper, which will set out the party’s vision of an independent Scotland.

The stark warning from Mr Darling, the leader of the anti-independence Better Together campaign, came ahead of the SNP government’s White Paper launch on Tuesday.

Mr Darling, speaking at a conference in Edinburgh today, said an independent Scotland would not be able to force the rest of the UK to share a currency simply because the SNP government White Paper sets out detailed plans to retain the Pound under independence.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed a majority Yes vote would be made on the “prospectus” of the White Paper on independence placed before Scots in the referendum.

However, Ms Sturgeon accepted that the government of an independent Scotland would have to negotiate with the rest of the UK in the aftermath of the referendum about forming a new sovereign nation.


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