Last Scottish Euro seat ‘between SNP and UKIP’

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NICOLA Sturgeon says the race for the last Scottish seat in next week’s European elections is shaping as a straight fight between the SNP and UKIP.

The Deputy First Minister says only the SNP can stop the “miserable, anti-European, anti-devolution” politics of UKIP, with the Liberal Democrats’ George Lyon poised to lose his seat.

The SNP set out its European manifesto today with plans to work with Brussels to secure jobs and investment, to stand up for our agriculture and fishing sectors and to advance Europe’s social agenda, particularly when it comes to the living wage.

Ms Sturgeon said: “This election is about two choices facing Scotland. The choice between the positive future for an inclusive, welcoming and socially just Scotland that the SNP want to see and the dismal anti-European, anti-devolution agenda that UKIP is promoting and which the Westminster parties are adopting.

“Our manifesto today sets out the positive progress we want to see from a Europe that works in partnership with Scotland.”

It came as Sanya-Jeet Thandi, 21, a former Asian leader of UKIP’s youth wing announced she had quit the party, labelling it “racist” and “terrifying.”

The candidate for the third Euro seat being targeted by the SNP is Asian businesswoman Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

Ms Sturgeon added: “The only way to stop UKIP is to vote SNP. If there’s a battle, as there is, for that final seat then I would rather - as many people across Scotland would rather - that someone like Tasmina was elected to that seat than somebody representing Nigel Farage.”

Six Scottish seat are up for grab. The SNP and Labour won two apiece last time out, with the Tories and Liberal Democrats each getting one.




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