Independent Scotland would be forced to adopt Euro

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AN independent Scotland would be forced to adopt the euro currency if it wants to be part of the EU with SNP plans for an opt-out “not up for discussion”, a leading EC official has warned.

But Scotland has nothing to fear from being part of the the euro, according to Michael Vedso of the general directorate Economy and Financial Affairs, who insisted that and its recent troubles are “certainly gone.”

The EC official said Scotland would find itself outside the EU after independence, in line with previous statements on the issue, but would enjoy “much smoother” negotiations to rejoin because it already meets many conditions

But he warned: “Being out of the euro is not really on the cards - if you want to join Europe, you’re joining Europe.”

“That means what we have achieved so far is not up for discussion with you guys. You take it or leave, so to speak.”

The SNP Government has pointed to other countries like Sweden which is also committed to joining the euro, but has never adopted it because it is effectively a voluntary process to meet the conditions for joining.

Alex Salmond has insisted that Scotland will keep the pound and held discussions with Bank of England governor Mark Carney today about this.




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