Hundreds march in Edinburgh to support Palestinians

Demonstration in Edinburgh to call for end to violence in Gaza. Picture: Gareth Easton.

Demonstration in Edinburgh to call for end to violence in Gaza. Picture: Gareth Easton.


HUNDREDS of protesters marched through Edinburgh yesterday in support of the Palestinian people.

Participants demanded that the Scottish Government calls for an end to what it described as an “ongoing massacre” in Gaza.

They held banners and flags condemning the actions of the Israeli state as they marched from the First Minister’s official residence, Bute House in Charlotte Square, to the Scottish Parliament.

A statement from the We Are All Hana Shalabi network, which organised the event, said: “The actions of the Israeli state in Gaza are abhorrent. The death toll is rising, and every indication is that a ground invasion is imminent.

“This will lead to an intolerable loss of life. The actions of Israel clearly contradicts international law.”

The event received support from groups including the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War, organisers said. The British Government was yesterday continuing to monitor the volatile situation in the Middle East amid more violence in Gaza and the prospect of an Israeli ground invasion.

Israel launched almost 200 airstrikes destroying targets including the prime minister’s headquarters early yesterday morning in response to militant rocket attacks which hit Jerusalem for the first time.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague have urged both Israel and the Palestinians to make efforts to halt the violence.

At least 30 Palestinians and three Israelis have died.


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