FMQs: SNP urged to adopt 50p top tax rate

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AN independent Scotland would lead to tax cuts for the rich, Labour leader Johann Lamont has claimed.

The opposition leader challenged Alex Salmond to back a 50p top rate of tax in the event of a yes vote at First Minister’s questions today.

Ms Lamont seized on a speech Mr Salmond delivered in London this week, when he said an independent Scotland would not put itself “at a tax disadvantage with the rest of the UK”.

The Labour leader called on Mr Salmond to condemn the Chancellor George Osborne’s decision to cut the top rate of income tax from 50p to 45p and to commit to a higher level of taxation for the wealthy under independence.

Ms Lamont suggested that the SNP leader had committed himself to “tax levels set by a Tory government” with his remarks in London this week.

However, Mr Salmond attacked Labour’s record in power at Westminster and said the party had allowed the highest earners to pay a lower rate of tax during the bulk of its time in power under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Mr Salmond also said he opposed the Chancellor’s reduction of the top rate of tax to 45p and said the move was “unfair”.




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