Seal products ban doesn't go far enough

LOTHIANS-based Labour Euro-MP David Martin has warned European plans for a trade ban on seal products do not go far enough.

And he said only a complete ban would satisfy the people of Europe.

Mr Martin, Scotland's longest serving Euro-MP and a former animal rights campaigner, said: "Having first called for this ban over 23 years ago when I visited the ice floes in Canada and witnessed the inhumane carnage which takes place during the annual cull, I am pleased that the European Commission has at long last come forward with proposals for a ban in the trade in seal products.

"However, the proposals do not go far enough and are open to abuse – much of the killing takes place in remote areas where effective monitoring of humane killing would be impractical.

"A partial ban would be unmanageable and unenforceable."

He said a recent opinion poll in Canada found an overwhelming majority – 86 per cent – of Canadians said the EU should be allowed to restrict trade in seal products.

Mr Martin said: "Let there be no more blood on the ice – only a complete ban will do."

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