Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Labour ‘tacitly helped Tories increase vote share’

Scottish Labour’s campaign strategy ‘tacitly’ helped the Conservatives increase their vote in Scotland at the general election, a report by a left-wing pressure group has found.

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Labour insists it is still on an election footing and will be campaigning over the summer

Jeremy Corbyn plans Scottish rallies to build on election gains

Jeremy Corbyn is to hold a series of mass rallies in Scotland next month as Labour seeks to build on its general election performance by targeting marginal seats held by the SNP.

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, said the UK "can of course survive" without securing a trade deal with the European Union after Brexit. Picture; PA

UK ‘can survive’ without securing EU trade deal - Liam Fox

The UK “can of course survive” without securing a trade deal with the European Union after Brexit, Cabinet minister Liam Fox said.

Theresa Mays deputy Damian Green insists that vital legislation to implement Brexit is not a power grab. Picture: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire

Downing Street pledges to respect devolution during Brexit

Downing Street has pledged to respect “the spirit and the letter” of the UK’s devolution settlement during the Brexit process in a bid to head off a possible constitutional crisis.

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The Scottish Government does process rows - thats their speciality, said Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

Scott Macnab: devolution crisis looming over Brexit repeal bill

The absence of any powers for Holyrood in the Great Repeal Bill has Nationalists agitating, writes Scott Macnab

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The report was welcomed by the Scottish Government as a boost for its demands that Holyrood ministers be given a seat at the Brexit negotiating table. Picture: AFP

Give Scotland more power after Brexit or ‘risk the future of the UK’

Brexit risks dissolving the “glue” that binds the economies of the United Kingdom, a House of Lords committee has warned in a report calling for devolved administrations to get a much bigger say on negotiations with the EU.

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Four House of Lords by-elections have had more candidates than electors. Picture: Arthur Edwards/Getty

SNP brand House of Lords by-election ‘ludicrous farce’

The SNP have branded a House of Lords by-election called to elect an hereditary peer to the upper chamber a “ludicrous farce” and reiterated demands for it to be scrapped.

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Sir Tom Devine was one of the contributors to the letter. Picture; Greg Macvean

60 prominent Scots claim Brexit is ‘tearing Britain apart’

More than 60 high-profile politicians, academics and leading figures have called for Brexit to be halted as its “disastrous consequences” become clearer every day.

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SNP Europe spokesman Stephen Gethins said Theresa May must 'get a grip' of her party. Picture: George Mcluskie

SNP: ‘Distracted’ UK Government jeopardising Brexit negotiations

Splits in the Conservative party are damaging the UK’s Brexit negotiations and could have a negative impact on the economy, a senior SNP MP has warned.

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Theresa May chairs a Joint Ministerial Committee in Cardiff in January. Mrs May has made it clear the devolved administrations will not be given a decisive role in Brexit talks. Picture: Ben Birchall-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Brexit talks stall because of political crisis in Northern Ireland

Top-level Brexit talks between the UK government and devolved administrations are stalled because of the political crisis in Northern Ireland, it has been claimed.

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Theresa May must drop plans for a hard Brexit, the SNP have warned

Scottish Parliament could block hard Brexit, warns SNP

The SNP group leader at Westminster has warned Theresa May to give up her pursuit of a hard Brexit or face the prospect of Holyrood holding back legislation required for the UK to leave the EU.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon the EU's head Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier. Picture: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty

Nicola Sturgeon tells EU negotiator Scots fear "extreme Brexit"

Nicola Sturgeon has told the EU's head Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier that she wants Scotland to avoid an "extreme Brexit" and stay in the European single market.

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External affairs secretary Fiona Hyslop said it was essential the UK government looked again at the issue of single market membership

Scotland’s voice ‘must be heard in Brexit talks’

Scotland’s External Affairs Secretary has told European Union ambassadors that the country’s voice should be heard in future Brexit negotiations.

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Highland Spring boss Les Montgomery said the Scottish Government should be focusing on employment and investment. Picture: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Business leaders ‘fed up’ with independence ‘distraction’

Business leaders are “fed up” with Nicola Sturgeon’s quest for independence and want her to focus instead on administering the country rather than constitutional change, says the boss of a leading Scottish brand.

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The First Minister has left the engine running on the independence bus, writes Robert Kilgour. Picture: John Devlin

Robert Kilgour: Nicola Sturgeon has created an indyref Catch-22

Last week’s warning from the Fraser of Allander Institute that Scotland faces a “lost decade” of low growth and the possibility of slipping into recession this summer sends yet another signal that Scotland is trapped in a Catch-22 situation of the First Minister’s making.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to make an announcement later on today. Picture: SWNS

Nicola Sturgeon set to make an announcement on indyref2

NICOLA Sturgeon is expected to set out her position on a second independence referendum at Holyrood later on today.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has downplayed claims he will get rid of Trident as soon as he can. Picture: David Mirzoeff - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn downplays claims of getting rid of Trident instantly

Jeremy Corbyn has downplayed claims he said he plans to start getting rid of Trident as soon as he can after becoming prime minister.

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A fishing boat lies idle in Ullapool. Michael Gove has said Brexit will offer the fishing industry an opportunity for expansion. Picture: Jon Savage/TSPL

Michael Gove: Brexit could boost Scots fishing industry

Leaving the European Union will create a “sea of opportunity” for the fishing industry, the new Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said.

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Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the first time on the question of who voters think would make the best prime minister, a poll suggests. Picture; PA

Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May in latest poll

Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the first time on the question of who voters think would make the best prime minister, a poll suggests.

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SNP want Brexit seat in return for ‘not disrupting UK plans’

The SNP has indicated it will demand a seat at the Brexit negotiations in Brussels in return for ensuring the Scottish Parliament does not disrupt Theresa May’s plans to withdraw Britain from the European Union.

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