Scottish independence: SNP neglecting ‘real needs’

First Minister Alex Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond

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ALEX Salmond was accused by Labour of “playing games” over Scottish independence rather than improving access to drugs for cancer patients at First Minister’s questions today.

• Johann Lamont accused Alex Salmond of not focusing on real needs of Scots

• The First Minister said the SNP government had improved the resources for the NHS as well as improving education

Labour leader Johann Lamont said that the SNP government should focus on the “real needs of Scots” as she claimed Mr Salmond was pursuing a “let’s pretend” approach to the 2014 referendum on independence.

Ms Lamont said that Mr Salmond should face the “reality of today” and claimed the First Minister had failed to improve access to cancer treatment drugs for patients.

She also said that the SNP government had not spent “one coin” on building new schools during the last year as she attacked Mr Salmond’s record on delivering major infrastructure projects.

However, Mr Salmond dismissed Ms Lamont’s claims over public services and insisted that he took the issue of cancer treatment “extremely seriously”.

The First Minister went onto claim that it was “beyond argument” that the SNP government had improved the resources for the NHS as well as delivering improvements in education.

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