Scottish independence an irreversible step - Moore

Michael Moore warned the Lib Dem conference that the 'split' caused by voting for independence would be 'irreversible.' Picture: PA

Michael Moore warned the Lib Dem conference that the 'split' caused by voting for independence would be 'irreversible.' Picture: PA

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THE independence referendum in Scotland is the most important political decision in our lifetime, Michael Moore has said.

The Scottish Secretary told the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow that if the vote brought independence, the split would be “irreversible”.

In his speech to the conference, Mr Moore accused the Scottish National Party of changing its position on key issues, telling activists any independent government north of the border would face higher borrowing costs if it wanted to keep the pound.

Mr Moore said: “On this day, next year, there will be a referendum in Scotland and (the) question of who we are will be central to it.

“People in Scotland will make the most important political decision of our lifetime.

“Should we stay with this UK family of nations?

“A family in which we have grown together and achieved so much or should we take the irreversible step of leaving that family and going it alone?

“Should we go forward together or divert into the unknown?

“It’s a clear choice, yes or no.”

Mr Moore said most Scots were “comfortable” with their British identity.

He added: “The Nationalists will say pretty well anything - anything - to persuade Scotland to vote for independence and so in the rush to get rid of the risks, they have changed their story on the key issues - on joining NATO, on membership of the EU, and, of course, on the currency that an independent Scotland would use.

“Five years ago they were telling us that the pound is a millstone around Scotland’s neck, now they say they will keep it, come what may as a step to who knows where.

“Their plan to keep the pound devalues by the day.

“Yesterday, another independent report showed that an independent Scotland using the pound would risk tax rises and higher borrowing costs.

“Like Harold Wilson, the SNP wants you to believe that the pound in your pocket would not be devalued.

“But the stark truth is that it would cost you more.

“The nationalist case shifts with events.”

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