Scots MPs prepare to 'suck it and see' after tax revelations

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THREE Scottish MPs were yesterday among the latest to become embroiled in the expenses scandal consuming Westminster.

Eric Joyce, the Labour MP for Falkirk, admitted he may have failed to pay capital gains tax when he sold his London home for a profit.

The tax bill of up to 40,000 may now have to be repaid if Mr Joyce – who claims more in expenses and allowances than any other MP – is found to have avoided the tax when he sold the London property.

Asked what he would do if Gordon Brown asked him to repay the money, he said he would "suck it and see".

Jim Devine, the Labour MP for Livingston, claimed more than 2,000 in repairs for his second home after handing in a bogus invoice from a company that does not exist. Mr Devine claimed 2,157.30 for rewiring his flat near Kennington Road in 2007. But the invoice presented to the Commons' Fees Office contained a false VAT number and the name of a fictional company.

Mr Devine insisted that he had been given the name of the tradesmen in a London pub, that the work had been done and the invoice paid.

"I can't remember the details of the address and the postcode. A man was recommended to me. He was in for a week and did the job," Mr Devine said.

Malcolm Bruce, the president of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, was also named in the expenses controversy yesterday.

He claimed back the running costs of his family home, which MPs are not usually allowed to do, because his wife Rosemary used it as an office.

Mr Bruce said he had "no regrets". He said: "Claims for electricity, heating and cleaning are the reimbursements of costs actually and necessarily incurred because my wife works from home."

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