Saddam's lawyer eyes Dundee poll

GIOVANNI Di Stefano, a controversial lawyer who is representing Saddam Hussein, has formed a new political party and may fight one of the Dundee seats in the General Election.

Mr Di Stefano, a London-based Italian lawyer, came to prominence in Scotland when he was linked to the board of Dundee Football Club a couple of years ago.

Since then, he has represented a variety of controversial clients and is now a member of the defence team for the deposed Iraqi leader.

Mr Di Stefano announced he was setting up a new political party - the Radical Party - and it is understood he has appointed himself its leader.

The Radical Party definitely falls on the Right of the political spectrum, with policies ranging from a tough line on immigration to an education policy based on the fascist Italian regime of Benito Mussolini.

Mr Di Stefano promised to have a Scottish element to his plans.

He said: "I’ve got a lot of following in Scotland and have a lot of very good friends up there. Some people don’t like me, but a hell of a lot of people do. There’s interest there in the Radical Party and there will definitely be a presence there. It’s not even excluded that I myself won’t be running up there, in Dundee or elsewhere."

On education, he said: "I believe that all education should be free from the age of three up to a PhD, however you must give back to the community what they give to you", he said. "That was a policy of Mussolini and it worked damn well. Everything was free but you had to bloody well live in Italy when you finished your education for at least ten years. If you want to leave the country then you pay for your education".

On immigration, he said: "People who come into this county unlawfully must be jailed because it is a criminal act."

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