MSPs set to take close look at pornography

MSPs were today staging a wide-ranging summit on the impact of pornography.

It comes after a petition from women's groups called for porn to be made a hate crime.

Among those giving evidence today will be Avedon Carol of Feminists Against Censorship, who has previously argued against a ban on porn, claiming research has failed to prove a link to sexual violence.

Independent consultant Ray Wyre was also to give evidence, along with academics Professor Vincent Egan, Dr Marysia Zalewski and Dr Karen Boyle.

The catalyst of the summit today was a petition from Scottish Women Against Pornography to parliament which called for adult material to be classed as an incitement to hatred against women.

Labour MSP Elaine Smith, Holyrood's gender reporter, compiled a report into the issue.

"I think it would be helpful in informing the committee and help addressing the issues," she said.

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