Indyref2 and Scottish Independence

Alex Salmond says General Election is a vote on indyref2

Alex Salmond has said Scots will be voting in the general election on the “right of the Scottish Parliament” to hold a second referendum – just days after his successor Nicola Sturgeon claimed the 8 June vote is not about independence.

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Nicola Sturgeon urged to set out indyref2 plan before election

Ruth Davidson has urged Nicola Sturgeon to spell out her “next steps” on independence before the public goes to the polls on June 8.

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Tommy Sheppard has called on the Greens not to field candidates in battleground seats. Picture: Neil Hanna/TSPL

SNP MP calls on Greens not to stand in Tory target seats

Tommy Sheppard has urged the Scottish Greens not to contest battleground constituencies where the Conservatives have a chance of winning.

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Indyref2: Nicola Sturgeon delays setting out referendum plans

Nicola Sturgeon has delayed outlining how she intends to progress a second referendum until after the June election, it has emerged.

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Poll shows Scottish independence support remains at 49%

A new poll has found that support for Scottish independence has not risen since Theresa May’s bid to block a second referendum.

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Ruth Davidson puts indyref2 opposition at heart of campaign

Scottish party leaders hit the campaign trail for the local government and general elections on Saturday.

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Independence ‘reckless’ amid new UK-dependent jobs figures

The prospect of a second independence referendum has been branded “reckless” after new figures revealed that more than half a million Scottish jobs rely on the country’s economic links with the UK.

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Could Scotland become a Canadian province similar to Quebec? Picture: Contributed

Scotland ‘should be invited to be Canadian province’

A prominent author has said Scotland should be invited to become a province of Canada.

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Scottish Tories leader Ruth Davidson speaks in the chamber. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

FMQ Analysis: Rare Davidson missteps allow Sturgeon to shine

It has become so de rigueur to laud the achievements of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, that her name was actually whispered as a potential Tory candidate, at Westminster, even in England.

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Katie Hopkins launches attack on Nicola Sturgeon

Katie Hopkins launches attack on Nicola Sturgeon

Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins has launched an attack on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – calling her ‘the ginger dwarf from the North’ in a tirade marking the announcement of the general election.

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Theresa May accuses opposition leaders of seeking to divide UK

The Prime Minister has accused opposition parties, including the SNP, of seeking to “divide the country” as MPs cleared the way for a snap general election on 8 June.

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Nicola Sturgeon speaks to media in Victoria Tower Gardens, London. Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Sturgeon: ‘only the SNP can protect Scotland from Tories’

Nicola Sturgeon has warned of the “damage” an increased Conservative majority at Westminster would cause, stating that in the coming UK election “only the SNP stands between Scotland and an increasingly hard-line Tory government”.

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City analysts believe the general election could provide more clarity on issues such as Brexit. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Emma Newlands: Return to polls could improve clarity

Businesses had already been attempting to keep a firm hand on the tiller, sailing against constant waves of uncertainty.

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General Election will be about indyref2, says Theresa May

Theresa May has said her snap general election is a chance to make a compelling case for the United Kingdom as she called on Scots to oppose another independence referendum.

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Tories underline indyref2 resistance in local manifesto

The Scottish Conservatives are to put opposition to a second independence referendum at the heart of their local government election campaign.

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Will Nicola Sturgeon secure a majority for indyref2? Picture: Contributed

General Election 2017: Can SNP secure indyref2 majority?

The SNP might have been quick off the block with their reaction to Theresa May’s “strategic mistake” of calling a General Election, but they were certainly taken by surprise.

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Nicola Sturgeon promises to make election about indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to make the snap General Election about getting voters to back her plans for a second independence referendum.

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General Election 2017: Scottish political reaction

General Election 2017: Scottish political reaction

Theresa May’s announcement that she is to seek the approval of the House of Commons to hold a General Election on June 8th shocked everyone in British politics.

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