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Scottish director calls cut on political ‘babble’

The Scottish director of an Oscar best film nominee has urged this year’s winners not to “babble” on about political issues.

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Picture: Mark Runnacles/PA Wire

Watson: ‘Not the time to replace Corbyn’

Labour’s leaders must take “a long hard look” at what is not working following the party’s defeat in the Copeland by-election, deputy leader Tom Watson has said.

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London  introduces Kezia Dugdale  before her keynote address at the Scottish Labour Conference. Picture: Allan Milligan

London mayor sparks Sturgeon fury with nationalism warning

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was yesterday forced into a humiliating retreat after sparking outrage by likening Scottish nationalism with racism.

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Kezia Dugdale was speaking at the Scottis Labour conference. Picture: John Devlin

Kezia Dugdale launches national campaign against indyref2

A new website for people to pledge their opposition to a possible second Scottish independence referendum has been launched by Labour.

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer briefs reporters (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

White House bans BBC and critical press from key briefing

Donald Trump’s press secretary has caused an international outcry after he barred severl critical news organisations including the BBC from a White House press briefing.

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David Miliband says labour is further away from power now than at any point in the last 50 years  Pic Ian Rutherford

David Miliband: Labour further from power than any time in last 50 years

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is further from power than any time in the last 50 years, David Miliband has said.

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Business has never been tougher in the hospitality sector, says Stephen Jardine.

Stephen Jardine: Rethink over rates is a reprieve, not a rescue

We need a better understanding of how the hospitality industry works says Stephen Jardine

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Thomas L Friedman: Meet the five Trump administrations

Maybe the President’s regime will eventually surprise us. And maybe elephants can fly, says Thomas L Friedman

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The joint Better Together campaign won the referendum but at a cost to the Scottish Labour Party. Picture: Getty Images

Leader comment: Dugdale’s only option was to avoid Better Together 2

Poor Kezia Dugdale. Her party faces another drubbing in the polls, the independence question continues to fester, and Jeremy Corbyn is heading to town to rally the Scottish faithful who could probably see him far enough right now, particularly on the back of a humiliating by-election defeat.

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Kezia Dugdale says if another referendum is called she would argue from the very start about a distinctive Labour campaign. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Labour would not be part of Better Together 2

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale says her party will not get involved in another Better Together campaign with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats if there is a second independence referendum.

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Kathleen, Tam Dalyell's widow, at the memorial at St Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow. Picture: SWNS

Tributes paid to ‘great man’ Tam Dalyell at memorial

Friends and former colleagues gathered yesterday to remember the life of politician Tam Dalyell, the former Labour MP who coined the West Lothian question.

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The Scottish Government is funding access to more palliative care. Picture: Getty Images

Thousands of Sots miss out on end of life palliative care

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Kezia Dugdale. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale tells of ‘personal sacrifice’ of leadership

Kezia Dugdale has spoken of the upheaval in her private life and the “personal sacrifices” she makes as Scottish Labour leader.

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Single-sex state school in Glasgow facing calls to admit boys

Single-sex state school in Glasgow facing calls to admit boys

Scotland’s only state-funded single-sex school is facing a challenge to its status from a group of parents over whether boys should be admitted.

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Daniel Johnson compared the First Minister to Ukip's Nigel Farage. Picture: PA

Labour MSP compares Nicola Sturgeon to Nigel Farage

The SNP has “no authority” to speak on the European Union (EU) because the party backs Scottish independence, a Labour MSP has said.

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Kezia Dugdale is headed to Perth for conference

What to expect from the Scottish Labour Party Conference

Scottish Labour’s Spring Conference before an election should be an energetic affair – the party has two leaders with massive mandates and are gearing up for another national election in just three months.

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Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale arrives for the Scottish Labour conference. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale ‘worried’ about Copeland by-election defeat

Kezia Dugdale has admitted she is worried about her party’s defeat in the Copeland by-election as questions over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership cast a shadow over Scottish Labour conference.

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Richard Keen is a Government advisor on Scots Law. Picture; Neil Hanna

Advocate General for Scotland charged with firearms offence

The UK Government’s most senior adviser on Scots law has been charged with a firearms offence.

Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out standing down after Labour lost the Copeland by-election. Picture: John Devlin

Corbyn won’t consider his position after historic defeat

Jeremy Corbyn refused to consider his position after Labour suffered a historic by-election defeat in Copeland and narrowly held on to another seat in Stoke Central.

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Tories snatch historic victory in Copeland byelection

Tory winning candidate Trudy Harrison clinched a historic success in Copeland and claimed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did not represent “ordinary working people”.

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