Iain Gray calls for Scots and Welsh leaders to help govern Labour

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LABOUR'S Scottish and Welsh leaders should have a say on how the party is governed by gaining a seat on its National Executive Committee, according to Iain Gray.

The Scottish Labour leader said he had urged the party leadership challengers to allow him and Welsh leader Carwyn Jones to join the body that formulates policy.

The move, he claimed, would allow the party to learn from the devolved administrations.

He said: "The time has come to bind the Labour Party together in a way which reflects the devolved countries created after 1997. There are lessons we can learn and lessons we can provide for the Labour Party."

Mr Gray said the response had been "very positive".

He added: "It reflects the political situation and the constitutional situation in which we find ourselves."

He said it would also "strengthen the unity of the party at UK level".

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