General Election

General Election

Scottish public spending ‘significantly vulnerable’ to Brexit

Public spending in Scotland is “significantly vulnerable” to the impact of leaving the European Union (EU), experts have warned.

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Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to undertake a tour of Scotland. Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn ‘campaigning for change’ ahead of Scotland tour

Jeremy Corbyn said he will be “campaigning for real change” as he prepares to take his UK tour of marginal constituencies to Scotland.

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Two thirds of Scottish votes were 'wasted' say reform campaigners. Picture: Michael Gillen

Two in three Scottish votes ‘wasted’ in general election

Two thirds of the votes cast in the general election in Scotland were “wasted” and had no impact on the result, according to voting reform campaigners.

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Two men dressed as customs officers take part in a protest outside Stormont against Brexit. Picture: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Brian Monteith: Free trade is breaking down barriers

Last week Britain’s 
cabinet minister for exiting the EU, David Davis, took time off to be a surprise guest at Alex Salmond’s first Fringe show, but on Thursday he has an 
altogether more serious job when the latest stage of the UK’s Brexit
negotiations resumes. Betting remains open as to which event will
prove to have delivered more laughs.

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David Davis has warned the EU that "with the clock ticking" there is no point in negotiating aspects of Brexit twice. Picture: PA

David Davis in warning over repeating EU negotiations

David Davis has warned the European Union that “with the clock ticking” there is no point in negotiating aspects of Brexit twice, in an attempt to push withdrawal talks towards discussions on a future trading relationship.

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The group of economists believe abolishing barriers such as tariffs could boost the economy by 132 billion pounds. Picture: PA

Remove all trade barriers urge pro-Brexit economists

A group of Brexit-backing economists have urged the Government to abolish all trade barriers after leaving the European Union despite previously admitting it would “mostly eliminate manufacturing” in the UK.

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.  (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Brexit: Scots and Welsh governments may be frozen out of talks

Britain could strike post-Brexit free trade deals without the approval of the Scottish and Welsh governments under proposals circulated among Cabinet ministers by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.

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Brexit: UK ministers propose ‘unmonitored’ Irish border post

The UK Government has set out its vision of a free-flowing and unmonitored Irish border post-Brexit, with the majority of local businesses avoiding customs tariffs.

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The Scottish Government says efforts to protect Scotland's environment will be undermined by Brexit. Picture: Ray Cox

Brexit: Repeal Bill ‘puts environment in Scotland at risk’

The legislation to formally remove the UK from the European Union risks undermining environmental progress in the devolved nations, Scottish and Welsh ministers have warned.

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Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: PA

May pushes for interim customs deal to prevent Brexit chaos

Theresa May will press for Britain to enter into a temporary customs deal with the European Union in 2019 to avoid chaos on the day after Brexit.

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Chancellor Philip Hammond (front left) has been accused of caving to hard line Brexiteers. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Philip Hammond accused of caving to hard line Cabinet Brexiteers

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been accused of caving in to hard line Cabinet Brexiteers after accepting Britain will withdraw from the European single market and the customs union when it leaves the EU in 20 months’ time.

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Shadow chancellor John McDonnell, was speaking at an event for party members before campaigning in the marginal seat of Motherwell and Wishaw. Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

John McDonnell: Scots voters can play key role in Labour election win

SCOTTISH voters could play a key role in securing a Labour victory at the next general election, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell has suggested.

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Former First Minister Alex Salmond launches his Fringe show at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Picture: PA

Alex Salmond: Scots will vote for independence within 4 years

Scottish independence has been "inevitable" since the creation of Holyrood two decades ago, Alex Salmond today said.

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Damian Green says a deal will be reached

Holyrood to get new powers ‘at the point of Brexit’

Major EU powers could devolved to Holyrood on the stroke of Brexit in a bid to break the deadlock with the between the Scottish Government and Westminster.

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Michael Russell called on the UK Government to recognise the bill as drafted cannot proceed.

“Unprecedented” constitutional crisis looms as Brexit talks fail

The Scottish Government last night warned a “unprecedented” constitutional clash with Westminster after talks in Edinburgh failed to break the deadlock over the repatriation of European powers after Brexit.

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Talks are due for new powers for Scottish Government. Picture: Jayne Wright

Talks due on possible new powers for Scottish Government

The possibility of releasing new powers to Holyrood will be discussed in talks between the UK and Scottish Governments in Edinburgh.

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Infighting among activists is causing serious damage to the independence movement. Picture: John Devlin

Darren McGarvey: Unionists munch popcorn as Yes campaigners tear each other to shreds

As some of you may be aware, a massive square-go has erupted in the Yes campaign. In the blue corner, we have Stuart Campbell, a self-styled “lie-detector” whose robust brand of fact-checking is somewhat undermined by his famously mean-spirited approach. Whether you love, loathe or grudgingly respect him, the Bath-based nationalist is the Yes movement’s most influential opinion shaper – excluding Nicola Sturgeon herself.

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Theresa May prepares to address a media conference at an EU summit in Brussels. Picture: AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Downing Street ‘doesn’t recognise’ report of £36bn Brexit bill

Downing Street has hit back at claims by the former head of the diplomatic service that the Brexit talks started badly for the UK.

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The deadline is looming for the UK to reach a Brexit agreement with the EU. Picture: AP/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

SNP criticises UK Government’s Brexit ‘divorce bill shambles’

Downing Street has denied reports it is prepared to sign off on a £36 billion Brexit payment to the EU after Whitehall sources were quoted putting a figure on the UK’s “divorce bill” for the first time.

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