Galloway to cash in on his tongue-lashing of US senators

MAVERICK MP "Gorgeous" George Galloway is set for a money-spinning speaking tour of America's Ivy League colleges following his barnstorming performance at the United States senate.

Washington was buzzing after the former boxer traded verbal blows with senators who had accused him of making blood money from Iraq's Oil-for-Food programme.

Mr Galloway, who could charge 5,000 per speech, would earn as much as he was accused of making in dodgy oil deals after just 30 appearances on the lucrative college lecture circuit.

During last Thursday's hearing the Respect Party MP savaged the US government for starting a war in Iraq that, he said, has claimed 100,000 lives.

American lecture tour promoters believe Mr Galloway's emphatic style could electrify campuses across the country.

Yesterday a spokesman for Mr Galloway confirmed the money-for-lecture offer will see the Dundee-born politician speaking to packed audiences at America's elite universities including Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

"If it happens, he will do a series of paid-for lectures, but he also will do free ones."

Mr Galloway, 51, added: "I have been asked to go on a highly lucrative lecture tour, with the promise of very large audiences."

His worldwide profile has soared since his senate showing where he emphatically denied owning a company which had made huge profits from Iraqi oil deals.

Mr Galloway also furiously refuted allegations that he had used his cancer charity, the Mariam Appeal, to conceal oil-gifts from the deposed dictator, Saddam Hussein.

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