Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is Time’s Person of the Year

Time magazine has named US President-elect Donald Trump its Person of the Year.

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Twitter will play a crucial role in Donald Trump's campaigning presidential style. Picture: Ralph Freso/Getty

Martyn McLaughlin: The media is duty bound to scrutinise Trump, not ignore him

The president-elect’s thorny tweets are part of a ploy, but the press must not turn away, says Martyn McLaughlin

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Donald Trump appoints “Mad Dog” to top defence job

Donald Trump appoints “Mad Dog” to top defence job

President-elect Donald Trump has announced retired general James “Mad Dog” Mattis as his nomination for US defence secretary.

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as US President on January 20, 2017

Trump’s Scots background won’t bring US and UK closer

Outgoing US Ambassador Matthew Barzun has warned against assuming Donald Trump’s Scottish roots will deepen the so-called ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the United States.

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Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Picture: PA Wire

Nigel Farage defends Trump as he heads back to America

Nigel Farage will return to the United States within days as he continues to pose a diplomatic headache to Theresa May over his closeness to US President-elect Donald Trump.

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Exile Mario Chiong Pena, 86, celebrates news of Castro's death with the rest of Miamis Cubans. Picture: AP

US-Cuba relations could see U-turn with Trump’s presidency

The historic thawing in diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba could be reversed unless the country moves in the “right direction” following the death of Fidel Castro, one of president-elect Donald Trump’s closest advisers has warned.

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Donald Trump had a meeting with Nigel Farage.

Trump voiced opposition to wind farms in Farage meeting

Donald Trump has hinted he used a meeting with Nigel Farage to voice his opposition to offshore wind farms in the UK.

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Nigel Farage has wasted no time in positioning himself as Donald Trump's man in the UK.

Leader comment: Trump and Farage saga puts May on the spot

Any discomfort in Downing Street over the growing relationship and rapport between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage is very likely to have turned to dismay and anger as the latest episode unfolded.

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Donald Trump (left) and Julian Assange are in the running for Time magazine's person of the year. Picture: PA

Julian Assange leading Donald Trump in Time magazine poll

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is leading a poll to find Time magazine’s person of the year.

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President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to scrap the TPP trade deal.   Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

‘America First’ - Donald Trump vows to quit TPP trade deal

Donald Trump has confirmed he will leave a key trade pact as he defended his worldwide business interests.

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Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

Donald Trump: Nigel Farage would be great as UK’s US ambassador

Donald Trump has backed calls for Nigel Farage to be appointed Britain’s ambassador to the US, saying he would do a “great job”.

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Donald Trump said Hamilton's cast was 'very rude last night to a very good man'

Donald Trump demands apology after Mike Pence ‘harassed’

President-elect Donald Trump yesterday demanded an apology from a show’s cast member who gave his vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence an onstage message about equality.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has warned Donald Trump not to pursue policies that will harm the environment

Leonardo DiCaprio warns of ‘uprising’ after Donald Trump win

Hollywood star Leonardo ­DiCaprio has warned US president-elect Donald Trump that he could face an “uprising and strong backlash” if the Republican sticks to pledges he made on the environment during his election campaign.

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Theresa May's statement that Brexit represents the clear will of the British people is being questioned. Picture: PA

John Pedler: Referendum was not binding so MPs can still block Brexit

The need for Europe to stay strong is much greater after Trump’s election, and now the UK does not have to leave the EU argues John Pedler

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The glitzy lifestyle of Donald Trump, seen here with Nigel Farage, is alien to those who voted for him. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: Trump is no man of the common people

The billionaire Donald Trump as the champion of the working class poor is a stunning paradox, writes Bill Jamieson

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Asked for evidence to back his claims at a Holyrood committee four years ago, Donald Trump responded: "I am the evidence!" Picture: Getty

Tom Peterkin: Trump and Brexit bluster threatens to silence experts

High-level contempt for qualified opinions creates a worrying challenge for politicians and academics writes Tom Peterkin

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Donald Trump's defunct for-profit university faces legal action in the US

Trump University law ‘a threat’ to Scots higher education

The international reputation of Scottish universities could be at risk if UK legislation is passed allowing private providers similar to the Trump University to offer degrees, MSPs have been warned.

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Donald Trump at Turnberry in Ayrshire, one of two golf courses he owns in Scotland. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Donald Trump reveals opinion of Scotland through Twitter

Donald J. Trump, who will assume office as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, has long viewed social media as the ideal platform to share his often controversial personal opinions.

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Donald Trump becomes US President next year and all world leaders will have to deal with him

Scott Macnab: Scotland must build bridges with Trump

The First Minister has sent out a strange message by attacking Donald Trump then congratulating him on his win, says Scott Macnab

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Donald Trump at Turnberry in Ayrshire, one of two golf courses he owns in Scotland. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Trump wins flagpole battle with Aberdeenshire Council

US President elect Donald Trump has won a battle over a flagpole on the grounds of one of his Scots golf courses.

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